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Dash Kits $150 and up
Grill $95 and up
Air Breather $95 and up
Bug Shield $95 and up
Door Handle $25 each
Center Caps and Lug Nuts $30 per wheel
Engine Cover $165 and up
Fender Flares $185
Hubcaps $50 each
NOS Bottles $95 and up
Valve Covers $150 and up
Vent Visor $75 each
Wheels $95 and up

Hydro Carbon

Automobile Spoiler $300 and up
Dash Trim Panels $230 and up
Complete Interior Trim $1265 and up
Radio Bezel $422 and up
Gauge Cluster Panel $150 and up
Tail Light Bezels $247 and up
Grill $412 and up


Complete Gun $185 and up
Frame $95 and up
Slide $85 and up
Cylinder $43 and up
Grips $30 and up
Holster $60 and up
Dis/Reassembly $75 and up


Complete Rifle $195 and up
2-pc Stock $210 and up
Complete AR-15 $265 and up
Bolt Handle (no warrany on bolts) $20 and up
Trigger Guard $34 and up
Barrel $85 and up
Receiver $65 and up
2-pc Receiver $145 and up
Std. AR Handguard $60 and up
Rail System- AR Handguard $80 and up
Std.AR Stock $73 and up
Collapsible AR Stock $93 and up
AR Charging Handle $30 and up
Scope Large $92 and up
Scope Small $60 and up
Saddle Mounts $49 and up
Dis/Reassembly $30 and up


Air Breather Cover $40 and up
Center Console $100 and up
Helmet $50 and up
Horn Cover $40 and up
Fenders Front $90 and up
Fenders Rear $95 and up
Inner Fairing $175 and up
Outer Fairing $195 and up
Side Cover Plates $30 and up
Tank $200 and up
Wind Deflector $30 each and up


Wakeboard $185 and up
Water Skis $150 each and up
Kneeboard $225 and up


Complete Gun $175 and up
Complete Double Barrel $190 and up
Pistol Grip Stocks $85  and up
Collapsible Stock $95 and up
Choke Tubes $25 each
Barrel $80 and up
Double Barrel $100 and up
Receiver $65 and up
Trigger Guard $30 and up
Magazine Tube with hardware $30 and up
Bolt $30 and up
Magazine Tube on pump shotgun $45 and up


Helmet- All Kinds $50 and up
Hard Hat/1.2 helmnets $50 and up
Welding Hood $60 and up
Toliet Seat Cover $55 and up
Mailbox $55 and up
Electrical Face Plate $10-$15 each





Air Breather Cover $40 and up
Center Console $100 and up
Helmet $50 and up
Horn Cover $40 and up
Fenders Front $90 and up
Fenders Rear $95 and up
Inner Fairing $225 and up
Outer Fairing $225 and up
Side Cover Plates $65 and up
Tank $350 and up
Wind Deflector $65 each and up
Small Sportster Tank $250 and up
Inner Fairing Road Glide $325 and up

Complete Motocycles

Sportster $850 and up
Bagger $2500 and up
Sports Bike $1550 and up
Crusier $1500 and up


Golf Cart Body $850 and up
ATV Body Please call
Wave Runner Please call

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Imaginix Hydrographics is always looking to hear from our customers!


Whether you have a question about the hydrographics process, are looking for more information about our prices and services, or want to leave feedback, we encourage you to send us a message.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and tailor it to fit your needs, and the more we hear from you the better!  Of course, you can also use this form to get in touch about any services you’re interested in as well.  We would be glad to assist you!

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For more information please send us your info!

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Get in touch.


36 Center Dr, Gilberts, IL Unit 1, 60136, USA

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Imaginix Hydrographics is an FFL (Federal Firearms License) decorator.