This is a revolutionary process that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. With our vast number of patterns and colors we can create the look you imagine and make it uniquely your own.

Hydrographics, or Water Transfer Printing, is a relatively new and modern system of decoration and protection that improves on the limitations of paint while retaining all of its benefits.

In just a short time, this process transforms any non-porous surface into a complete work of art, with a level of protection that goes beyond the capabilities of regular paint.


We make the Hydrographics process simple and easy for our customers and provide a quick and affordable way for you to get that custom look on your vehicle, firearms, ATV, and so much more!

The speed, safety, and sheer versatility of hydrographics technology provides you with a way to create beautifully decorated and unique items at an extremely effective cost.


1. Select a pattern

We have hundreds of patterns available for you to choose from, or you may find your own, create your own, or ask us to create a new pattern just for you.

2. Item Prep

Our process begins with us cleaning and priming the surface of your item. Our primer creates a bond that allows the pattern to stick flawlessly and permanently to the item, regardless of its texture

3. Pattern Print

We print the pattern onto a polyvinyl film and place it in the dipping vat, where it will be applied to your item.

4. Pattern Activation

A chemical activator is applied to the film, which dissolves into the water.  This leaves the pattern on the surface, held together by the surface tension of the water.

5. Item Immersion

Your item is lowered completely into the water. As the surface tension is broken around your item, the pattern surrounds it completely, following every contour and binding instantly.

6. Cleaning

Your item is removed from the vat, and any excess film is rinsed off. Your item is dried and prepared for the final step.

7. Finish

We apply a clear coat in either matte or gloss to give your item and its new pattern an extra layer of protection.

Quality First

We ensure the standards we use are there to exceed your expectations, and every step of our process is critically controlled in order to turn out the highest level of quality.


Imaginix will make the process simple and easy while providing an affordable way for you to print a custom look onto your vehicle interior or exterior, firearms, motorcycle, ATV and more…

Check out Imaginix and take your item customization to the next level!

Imaginix Hydrographics is FFL (Federal Firearms License) licensed.


Imaginix Hydrographics is always looking to hear from our customers!


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We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and tailor it to fit your needs, and the more we hear from you the better!  Of course, you can also use this form to get in touch about any services you’re interested in as well.  We would be glad to assist you!

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Imaginix Hydrographics

Imaginix Hydrographics is an FFL (Federal Firearms License) decorator.

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