Imaginix Hydrographics was created to provide you with a top-quality water transfer service that gives you the greatest range of possible choices to enhance the look of any item.

From dashboard parts, and pistol grips to gun stocks, barrels, and clips all can undergo our process. Our professional base and topcoats protect better than a simple layer of paint ever could giving us the ability to apply patterns to almost any item.

Watch our video to see this remarkable process and select a pattern from the hundreds we offer, then let us bring your imagination to life.


Hydrographics, or Water Transfer Printing, is a relatively new and modern system of decoration and protection that improves on the limitations of paint while retaining all of its benefits.  In just a short time, this process transforms any non-porous surface into a complete work of art, with a level of protection that goes beyond the capabilities of regular paint.

Our one of a kind process allows you to customize almost anything. If it can be painted, it can be hydro dipped, from car parts, firearms, furniture, helmets to something as ordinary as a travel mug.


The key to standing out is customization, and nobody understands that better than our technicians at Imaginix Hydrographics.

You will have the ability to style YOUR items YOUR way with the help of our expert color matching, or the preselected colors of your choice. At Imaginix we provide endless options to decorate and protect your item, all while finding that unique look you’ve been wanting.


Imaginix films are extremely durable. In fact, this unique system is designed to offer a coating which lasts far longer than regular paint. In addition, it also delivers flame, scratch and UV resistance, making it much easier for you to focus on what you love: producing a beautiful and unique item.


Leaders in industries such as aviation and automotive vehicle products, sporting goods, lawn and garden items, electronic accessories, and many more besides are shifting their design more and more from classic paint to hydrographic designs.


Hydrographics is a cost effective way to protect and decorate your items and products. If youre looking at paints and trying to weigh the cost against quality, you absolutely have to consider using Imaginx Hydrographics!


Imaginix Hydrographics is always looking to hear from our customers!


Whether you have a question about the hydrographics process, are looking for more information about our prices and services, or want to leave feedback, we encourage you to send us a message.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and tailor it to fit your needs, and the more we hear from you the better!  Of course, you can also use this form to get in touch about any services you’re interested in as well.  We would be glad to assist you!

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Imaginix Hydrographics

Imaginix Hydrographics is an FFL (Federal Firearms License) decorator.

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